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This site is a little about us, the McGahey family of Oxfordshire, but mainly about my, Alex's,  genealogical researches into my maternal family names of Beckingham and Fitchett. The names of McGahey, Bovingdon, Hacker, Hathaway, Truman, Turner and Whitebread are also being researched with differing levels of success.

Apart from researching the above names,, I am also conducting a full world wide study of the name Beckingham and variant spellings, and as such have registered this research with The Guild of One-Name Studies.

This web site can be navigated by the links of the left of each page or the buttons shown above.   Please let me know if you should find a broken link anywhere in the site.

As with any genealogical web site, the onus is on you to verify any sources that support the data you find listed  in the One-Name Studies and individual pedigree pages. There are also downloadable pdf and gedcom files covering several  generations but there is nothing on living individuals.

I have now taken an Autosomal DNA test with, where I have uploaded a family tree of all of the branches of my personal ancestors (but again no living persons can be seen), and the DNA tests are also linked to the Oxfordshire and North of Ireland Family History Societies through

There is now a separate page dealing with many of the Beckingham emigrations in the 19th century, see link on the left.

I have to acknowledge that I have received a huge amount of assistance from other researchers over the years and I thank them all for their help.

I ought to mention here that all of the photographs on this website are part of my personal family collection, and/or have been taken by me, and whilst I am happy for copies to be made to add to your own researches, I would be obliged for a 'credit' as to where the photograph originated.

Finally, I am always willing to share information on any of the names under research so please e-mail me should you be interested or think you may be related in some way.  Just let me have a note of how you link into the names and I will happily share information.

My snail mail address is -  2, Vane Road, Thame, Oxfordshire, OX9 3WE, UK  should you require it.

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