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Wiltshire map c. 1773

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The Beckinghams

This page is about the Beckingham part of our family. It was my (Alex's) maternal grandfather's name and I, with help from many others, have managed to trace this line back to a Roger Beckingham of Hungerford who died around January 1741/42 in Great Bedwyn, Wiltshire. He married a woman called Mary at Shalbourne, Berkshire on 10 June 1708 but the parish register does not show her surname!

My pedigree is descended through his son, Salmor aka Seymour Beckingham. During the research many cousins have been traced and to avoid confusion with other Beckingham pedigrees, we are now calling 'our line', "The Savernake Line", on the basis that many of our ancestors were born, married and died in the area of Savernake Forest, which itself is still in existence between Marlborough and the village of Burbage, although it now covers a much smaller area than it did one or two hundred years ago.

Wedding - William H Beckingham to Phyllis Fitchett

My maternal grandfather was William Henry Beckingham (1890 -1956) who married Phyllis Fitchett on 5th April 1915 and this is believed to be a photograph of their wedding.

I do have details of many other lines and of course I am willing to assist and share information with others interested in the Beckingham name. Follow the link here to see some information held on the other Beckingham Pedigrees, although I have to say that I do not publish "trees" on this site but will happily share data if you contact me.

I have registered the name "Beckingham" and some variants with The Guild of One-Name Studies and am now conducting research into the name on a worldwide basis.

I also compiled and published a book in 2002 about many of the Beckinghams/Beckenhams  who served in the 1st World War. My own grandfather was wounded several times and eventually discharged, and this prompted me to research the Regimental War Diaries for the times when he was wounded to see what was happening to his unit, and this has snowballed into this book. If you have a Beckingham or Beckenham who served in the 1914 - 1918 conflict, and are interested in where he was or even when he died, please e mail.

Please contact me via the email link on the left for further information or if you think you may be linked.

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