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This pedigree is so named because of one particular family of Beckinghams. In 1865 James Horace Beckingham married Alice Broadbridge at Old Church, St Pancras and by the 1881 census, were living in Newcastle upon Tyne.

The actual line starts back with brothers William and James Beckingham born in the 1750's in London, both of whom married but James' only son died before his father and James therefore left half of his estate to his nephew, another James, son of his brother William.  

I have seen an unsubstantiated mention on another website that this Pedigree is descended from a Courtier of Henry VIII which could, if proven, link into the Salisbury Pedigree and Stephen Beckingham 1518 - 1558. There are possibilities in the Salisbury line who could be parents of William and James, but nothing more, as yet.

William Beckingham married Sarah Bartrup in London in 1776 and the whole line at present descends from his son, James born circa 1779.

I have found that a George Beckingham of this line moved to Canada and in 1862 there was in fact a G Beckingham as a passenger on the "Cyclone" out of London to Victoria, British Columbia. George married out in Canada and had four children.

Magsy Houlder by Arthur Beckingham c1916Another Beckingham from this line was Arthur (1855 - 1920) who was an artist who The Dictionary of British Arts Vol IV described as: Victorian Painters - BECKINGHAM Arthur flourished 1881 to 1912. London Painter of historical subjects, landscapes and genres. Exhibited 1881 - 1912 at the Royal Academy of Artists (RA) and Association of Scholars, county of Suffolk (SS). Titles at the RA were "Incident in The French Revolution" 1882, and "A Wandering Musician" 1888.  He also painted a portrait of his great neice, Magsy Houlder, which is shown here. 

There is a downloadable pdf file here showing the first generations of this pedigree, and there is also now a gedcom.  

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