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The McGaheys

The McGahey family traced so far come from County Antrim in Northern Ireland. Alex's father left there when World War II commenced and joined the Royal Artillery, (under age), and only went back for holidays thereafter.

He was born in Ballycastle, a small town on the North Antrim coast, and many years ago there were a lot of relatives still living in the town. Most have moved elsewhere now, but we are still in touch with a few of them. The pedigree that I have
goes back as far as the early 1800's and a John McGaughey marrying Mary Jane McAuley on the paternal side, and to a Henry McGaughey and his six children on the maternal side. There is also a DNA link to another McGahey family in Ballycastle in the 1911 census, but no llink with any actual persons. Work is still ongoing here.

Fairhead, Ballycastle, Co AntrimThe picture (right) is towards Scotland from Ballycastle with Fairhead in the centre in about 1953 (the view is the same today).

I have been approached by many McGaheys from the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, and always try to put them in touch with each other.

Headstone of Tobias McGahey I have learned that there is a town in Virginia, USA, called Mcgaheysville that was founded by a Tobias Randolph McGahey in 1801, not a fact I knew but something worth passing on. I have now been told by a John McGahey who has visited the town in 1999 that Tobias was a surveyor from Scotland who arrived there that year, married and settled down as the first postmaster.

Photo of Tobias' headstone - © John McGahey 1999

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