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Other Known Beckingham Pedigrees

Other Beckingham Pedigrees that have been found and not yet linked to one of the others are : -

The earliest reference to Beckingham that I have relates to a John Beckingham who was in London in 1261.

ELIAS de BECKINGHAM, died 1305, was said to be the only honest Judge in England during the reign of Edward I. There is believed to be a Lincolnshire connection with this one. He does get a mention in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography in 2004.

ROBERT BECKINGHAM, died 1509, left a legacy to found "a free schole at the towne of Guldford". (Guildford, Surrey in England). Robert is known to have had a brother, Richard, but little else is known as yet.  He may be tied in to the Salisbury Pedigree, but we are still working on this.

There are a group of Beckinghams around Charlbury, Oxfordshire in the late 1500's. Charlbury is not too far from Pudlecote which is mentioned in the Salisbury pedigree. There must be a link somewhere. 

There is a HONEYBORN BECKINGHAM born about 1811 in St Dunstans, Middlesex to a WILLIAM BECKINGHAM and ANNE WARKMAN.  He went from London to New Zealand in 1863. The present day family are in New Zealand, the US and the UK. Honeyborn  was "of St Andrew's Court, St Dunstans" when he married Sarah Rock in 1838.  It is interesting to note that her brother, GEORGE ROCK married a HARRIET BECKINGHAM of Tilehurst, Reading as well as several baptisms for other Tilehurst families took place in London churches where Honeyborn had his children baptised. Could this mean that this group are part of the Great Hidden pedigree?

There is a small group of BECKINGHAMs  in and around Northumberland and Durham going back to a PETER BECKINGHAM and his wife MARGARET ANN KING who married in 1890, but there is no trace of a birth for him. He did use the surname BECK on some censuses so this may be his original name. More work is to be done here.

Several families originated in Ireland and are found in the USA, one being PATRICK BECKINGHAM who emigrated in 1888 and raised his family in Dover, New Hampshire. His parents were THOMAS and ELLEN, and they were buried in Keady, Co Armagh. There is also a JAMES and AGNES BECKINGHAM who raised their family in Monaghan and has descendants in New York, coincidently, James and Ellen were also buried in Keady aroundthe same time but I have yet to find a tie between the families.

There are also many families that I have in my records who are sometimes just parents and a child or children waiting to be added into a pedigree. Places mentioned in these range from the Isle of Wight, to Lincolnshire, to Essex as well as the USA.

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