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This is a Pedigree that starts with a Symon Beckingham of Bulford, Wiltshire through his son, John Beckingham who married Alice Twickenor in Salisbury, Wiltshire around 1500. This is according to The Visitations of Norfolk 1563, 1589 and 1613. The line then seems to then proceed up through Oxfordshire and round to Essex with Sir Stephen Beckingham of Tolleshunt Beckingham (or Tolleshunt Major as it is known today), and then I believe into London but the Pedigree still requires a lot of work. There is a connection to the next Pedigree (see below) with Sir Stephen, and I am also looking for Wills that should assist in my researches.

I have recently noted that a 1676 marriage at St Thomas, Salisbury for John Beckingham and Elizabeth Waterman was recorded as BECKHAM and further investigation has shown that there are many entries in the Parish Records under that name.  This may assist with "filling the gaps", or "opening an entirely whole new can of worms!"  It ought to be noted that the "name" page refers to a Sir Roger de Beckham in 1379.

There is an older Pedigree starting circa 1400 with a Thomas Beckingham of Pudlecote in Oxfordshire marrying Katherine de Mere and extending seven generations to John Beckingham of Pudlecote marrying Ursula Peyto in 1574. This Pedigree is mentioned in the Bishop's Visitation of Oxfordshire iWedding of Stephen Beckingham & Mary Cox Jun 9, 1729n 1574. It is interesting that "property at Pudlicoate" is mentioned in the Will of Sir Stephen Beckingham (of the above Salisbury Pedigree) in 1611. From other sources I know that the property at Pudlicote was transferred to the Lacey family by 1641.

As mentioned earlier, Sir Stephen Beckingham and Mary Cox had their wedding at St. Benet's, Paul's Wharf on 9th June 1729 portrayed by William Hogarth, see picture right.

As I also mention on the "Other Pedigrees" page, there is a large group of Beckinghams around the village of Charlbury in Oxfordshire, not far from Pudlecote. I suspect that these will also one day fit in with the Great Hidden line.

I have also found a will of a Robert Beckingham in Lancaster Co, Virginia from the 1670's which mentions "St Edmunds" that refers to the parish in Salisbury. It also mentions a brother and other siblings who match with other known data and these details have now been added to the Pedigree. 

There is a downloadable pdf file here showing the first generations of this pedigree plus another Beckham pdf.  The data is also available in gedcom, Beckingham and Beckham.

Please contact me via the email link on the left for further information or if you think you may be linked.

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