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Meet The Family

The McGahey family are now Alex, Gill and Robin, as our elder son Paul and his family have unfortunately severed contact with us. 

After Alex's mother died in 1975, his father, Tommy, remarried and it was then that the family all found that they had a half brother, Ian who also found out about his McGahey family at the same time, but he has unfortunately now passed on but Alex is in contact with his family who are all in Scotland.

Alex and Gill are both retired and they intend to spend more time on their hobbies, as well as fitting in the occasional holiday or three! 

Alex originally hails from Wiltshire, Gill from Surrey, and the boys were born in Northamptonshire.

We moved to Thame over 30 years ago and have lived here ever since.

Alex's main hobby is genealogy which only commenced over 25 years ago after Alex and Gill had each lost both of their parents, and the idea was to find out what we could so that the boys would know who their ancestors were. Gill's hobbies are reading, films, television, and gardening . The genealogy has now snowballed with researching being done on a world-wide basis (see other pages).

Gill and Alex like travelling and try to visit several places each year, whether abroad or in the UK, for long trips or even short breaks. 

Gill and Alex in Nerja, Spain Sep 2000

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