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This Pedigree got its name as research of this line actually started in the village of Sutton Courtney in Oxfordshire for a Canadian descendant of the line and then I found previous generations in Blewbury. (Before 1974 and the English County re-organisation, both villages were part of North Berkshire).

A William Beckingham who married Elizabeth Hoare was originally the starting point in Sutton Courtney but it was then found that William came from Blewbury in Berkshire and so I was able to go back further there. (This William could be the one sentenced to death in 1792 for burglary, but I have no proof of this. His sentence was changed to 10 years in prison even before he had left the court!).

Antonie Beckingham is from Blewbury in Berkshire around 1620 and he married Elizabeth Bukle there in 1646. This is one of the older Pedigrees but it is worth considering that the villages of Blewbury and Lambourn where this and the Great Hidden pedigrees respectively commence, are not really very far apart.  Should they link together? The pedigrees do utilise common given names which suggests a link but this has yet to be found.

This line does also include all those families I had starting with John and Ann Beckingham in the village of Hagbourne, Berkshire but since February 2005, there is a query over this as in 1841 and 1851 the censuses for Hagbourne show the family as being called BACON!  I have now included a Hagbourne page in this web site, see links on left.  The Bacons are still part of this pedigree as a James Bacon married Martha Beckingham of Blewbury in 1770.

There is a downloadable pdf file here showing the first five generations of this pedigree, plus a gedcom.

Please contact me via the email link on the left for further information or if you think you may be linked.

December 2006 -
There is now a book available about the family of John Beckingham and Charlotte Instrell who raised their family in and around Andover in Hampshire from the mid 1880's  to the early 1920's.  "Charlotte's War" is available from Peter and Carol (Beckingham) Curtis at "Porthgwarra", Cattle Lane, Abbotts Ann, near Andover, Hampshire SP11 7DS.  Prices inc p & p are Inland UK £6.60; Europe £8.00 and World wide £9.40. The book is about a social injustice which led to the 1914 Andover Riots, and continues through the two World Wars and shows their effect on the family.
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