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Wiltshire map c. 1773

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Clyffe Pypard

This pedigree was so named as an Elizabeth Beckingham suddenly appeared in Clyffe Pypard in Wiltshire around 1788 and some of her descendants are still in the UK, but as explained below, it is now part of the Great Hidden pedigree.

From the age of 70 given on her on her death certificate in 1838, I calculate that she was born circa 1768, but what I did not know is who she was or where she came from. Was she a single woman? Was she a widow? Was her name even Beckingham?

What I do know is that she had five illegitimate children at Clyffe Pypard between 1788 and 1803, Sarah, Rosanna, William, Ann and lastly Hannah. In 1817 Elizabeth then married a John Nipe who then predeceased her.

After looking at all the Elizabeth's in my files to try and find a suitable candidate, there were originally four possibles but I omitted to count one known as 'Betty' making five candidates. Two of these died,  a third married at Lambourn in Berkshire in 1784 and was raising children there when Elizabeth 'appeared' in Clyffe Pypard, 'Betty' also married and this therefore leaves a Great Hidden pedigree Elizabeth born in 1765 at Baydon, daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth.

The birth year of of the new Elizabeth in 1765 ties in approximately with the date of 1768 estimated from the age at the date of death and so I have concluded that these two are one and the same and merged my files. However, I am leaving this separate page here.

See the Great Hidden page for downloadable pdf and gedcom files.

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